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Puris, LLC


Member Since: 2016

America Makes has allowed us to keep abreast of new technologies and connect with new partners, vendors and customers.--Eric Bono, VP, Engineering Solutions, Puris, LLC.

Company Background:

Puris supplies the world with the cleanest Titanium powders. Our many manufacturing and processing innovations have generated the data that allow us to confidently make that claim. We supply global leaders with standard alloys as well as work with them to develop the next generation of Titanium and Titanium Aluminide alloys. We also manufacture very large components on our modified ExOne binder jet printers out of a variety of materials.

Initiatives in Additive Manufacturing:

Puris has numerous initiatives that serve the AM industry:

  • Developing, AM specific alloys, such as our Puris Grade 5+™ which provides Ti-6Al-4V powder with low oxygen to allow for maximum reuse, while still easily exceeding any industry minimum strength requirements
  • Writing and subsequently executing practical powder specifications that provide customers with the best powder for their process at the best possible price
  • Manufacturing Titanium and Titanium Aluminide alloy powders
  • Printing large and complex components that aren't possible with other printing technologies – we've worked with parts up to several hundred pounds using this approach
  • Developing new alloys for valve and bearing applications
  • Serving as a powder R&D branch for many of our customers 

Engage with us:

For general inquiries, contact us via email, learn more at, or call 412-260-8048.


Advanced Methods in Innovation


Member Since: 2014

America Makes is a meaningful resource and partner for our small educational non-profit. It has supported development and implementation of AMI's technology to significant clients, enhancing credibility of our organization and technology. It has encouraged our active participation in road mapping and other activities, and provided opportunities to connect with other members. It has offered support for AMI’s development and deployment activities; its staff has been readily available. -- Julie Smith, Executive Director, Advanced Methods in Innovation 

Company Background:

AMI is a 501(c) 3 non-profit that develops, implements and deploys K-16 STEM curriculum, 3D printing, rapid prototyping and computer equipment, software applications, technical support and professional development. AMI is the exclusive educational seller of the INVENT3D Printer, a FFM printer available as a kit and specifically developed for educational use. AMI has portfolio of courses aligned to Common Core State Standards, incorporate design thinking, STEM disciplines and projects that are solved and built using INVENT3D printers, AM/RP equipment and emphasis creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration.

AMI has deployed INVENTORcloud Program and INVENT3D Printers in over 100 educational locations in approximately eight states. AMI operates the INVENT3D Maker Space which can be accessed virtually using STORM Virtual Presence Technology which enables two-way video, audio and text communication and provides virtual control of digitally controlled equipment. The INVENT3D Printer and STORM technology have been developed, in part, with support from DARPA.

Initiatives in Additive Manufacturing:

  • INVENT3D Printer, an FFM printer for educational use and available as kit, receives outstanding reviews from educators and students.
  • Creation of portfolio of K-16 standards-aligned curricula focused on 3D printing and design process directly supports workforce development and industry needs.
  • Carnegie Mellon University evaluation of INVENT3D Printer and related curricula validated positive impact of AMI programs on student outcomes and performance
  • Hundreds of 3D printers provided to schools and educational institutions nationwide.

Engage with us:

For general inquiries, contact us via email, learn more at, or call 330-727-6292.

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