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Member Since: 2017

We joined America Makes because the representative organizations recognize the value of AM and are serious about moving the technology beyond the hype. We understand the need to collaborate and the benefit of resolving key challenges as a community. We joined so that Lucideon can be involved in the solutions. -- Brent Holloway, Director of Sales and Marketing, Lucideon

Company Background:

Lucideon is a development and commercialization organization (DCO), specializing in materials technologies and processes. Its application of cross-industry insight, materials science expertise and innovative thinking allows industry to develop and implement disruptive technology platforms, providing cost and/or product performance benefits and enabling real market differentiation. 

In addition to a team of scientists, engineers and commercial analysts, Lucideon has world-leading testing and characterization laboratories, pilot/feasibility plant facilities and a management certification division. 

Lucideon Group Limited has three subsidiaries that all trade as Lucideon: Lucideon M&P headquartered in Raleigh, NC; Lucideon Limited headquartered in the UK; and Lucideon CICS, its assurance division.

Initiatives in Additive Manufacturing:

Lucideon supports clients wherever materials affect the supply chain or product life cycle:

    • Materials development, characterization, and recycling initiatives
    • Characterization of build quality
    • Component performance testing
    • Process and post-process optimization and validation
    • Product development

Engage with us:

Learn more at or contact Brent Holloway at 614-314-4886. 


Product Development & Analysis (PDA) LLC


Member Since: 2015

PDA being a small company, America Makes has provided the networking opportunity for contract research in the areas of design, modeling and simulation, partening with academia and large OEMs and have provided the metal casting and process simulation domain expertise and experience of over 25 years. -- Jiten Shah, President, Product Development & Analysis (PDA) LLC

Company Background:

PDA provides design and manufacturing solutions for any new product development, redesign for additive manufacturing process and reverse engineering of complex metal cast components made out of various alloys using state of the art process modeling, virtual validations using FEA, CFD and CAE tools and experience of over 25 years in military, transportation and general engineering. PDA supports 3D Printed sand as well as direct metal printing processes of additive mfg and provides contract manufacturing and research as an SME.

Initiatives in Additive Manufacturing:

  • Member of AM4MC Adoption Foundry team, providing design and simulation support to the YBI/AFS/UNI led project team;
  • Assisted to develop a course and a workshop for AM4MC working with AFS for the workforce development;
  • Shown value of casting process modeling and simulation for toolingless 3D printed sand metal casting process;
  • Provided casting process and rigging design and validations to provide added assurance to get it right the first time;
  • Leveraged experience of being member with active projects with other Manufacturing Innovation Institutes - DMDII and LIFT

Engage with us:

Learn more at PDA-LLC.comWe can be contacted by e-mail or phone at (630) 505-8801.

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