FAQ for Current Members

Term and Payment

Membership is a 12-month period beginning in the month that an organization joins and is renewable annually.

There are three levels of annual membership: Silver tier of $15,000, Gold tier of $50,000, and Platinum tier of $200,000.

There are options for payment of the membership fees. Organizations may elect to pay for their membership by cash at the time of joining or opt to utilize our @Program Cost Share program to accrue sufficient credits to cover the membership fees by the end of the 12-month membership period. At the start of each membership year, fees may be paid by cash, cost share (@Program and Project), or a combination of these options. In the event America Makes needs to be established as a vendor in the member’s payment system, please consider initiating this process as quickly as possible.

Cost Share

Cost share items may be claimed and reported by the member as credits toward the cost of membership.  There are two types of cost share: @Program and Project.  All cost share will be applied during the membership year in which it was earned and does not carry forward.

America Makes offers credits to offset the cost of membership for activities you may already be doing. For example, attendance at America Makes hosted events, involvement in our Working Groups, and promoting America Makes can reduce your out-of-pocket expense for membership. Please refer to our @Program Cost Share Menu for more details.

Members report these items in the Member Portal @Program Cost Share and Reporting app.  Anyone from the member organization with an account in the Member Portal may report and track @Program Cost Share.  Instructions can be found under Quick Links > Member Resources.  The frequency of reporting may be monthly, quarterly or annually as it is convenient for the member, and certainly prior to the membership renewal cycle.

Many America Makes project calls allow for various cost share opportunities specific to the project. Members are advised of cost share opportunities by the Project Manager or Principal Investigator. All allowable Project Cost Share is to be reported directly to the Project Manager or Principal Investigator for approval by the date(s) determined by the project.

Membership Renewal

Renewal notices are emailed to the Member’s main point of contact on the membership account 60-days prior to expiration, with subsequent notices as necessary detailing the status of your membership account. All approved @Program and Project Cost Share will reduce the amount of membership fees to be collected. Should a balance remain, an invoice can be issued by the Membership Team. Members will be contacted by the America Makes Membership Team via email when the yearly fees are satisfied, and the membership is renewed and/or expired.

An invoice may be requested by responding to a renewal notification email. In the event America Makes needs to be established as a vendor in the member’s payment system, please consider initiating this process as quickly as possible. Payment may be made by check, ACH, or credit card.

A small grace period may be offered for submitting cost share and/or remitting payment. However, all benefits will be suspended until the membership is fully paid (cash/cost share/both). This delay does not extend your membership year. When a membership has been expired for more than 60-days, a new Membership Agreement must be completed.

Managing Your Membership Account

Each member organization may have up to 99 employee subaccounts. There are three ways to add or invite colleagues (found in the Member Portal under Account & Settings > Information & Settings > Sub-Accounts). Instructions and a how-to video can be found in the Member Portal under Quick Links > Member Resources.

A change of the poc may occur when an individual moves to a different role or company. If the username and password are known for the main point of contact on the master membership account, the new point of contact may update the contact information. If these are unknown, please email the membership team to make the change for your organization at Membership@AmericaMakes.us.

Member Benefit Items

There are two ways to access the CORE repository:

  1. Through the Member Portal under Quick Links > Login to CORE
  2. From our website at: https://www.americamakes.us/america-makes-core/

Access to CORE will be granted to those members who have:

  • An active account in the Member Portal
  • Membership is not expired
  • A valid email address
  • A mobile phone number for MFA (Multi-Factor Authorization)

CORE data will be visible based on ITAR controls (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) and is verified by these additional fields in your organization’s Member Portal Profile:

  • CAGE – Commercial and Government Entity Code
  • JCP – Joint Certification Program

These numbers must not be expired.

Organizations that do not have a CAGE or JCP number will still be able to access the publicly available data in CORE.  Please ensure the Member Profile information for your organization is current.

Members will receive benefit from their membership to the degree in which they are involved with the membership at-large.  We encourage members to engage by:

  • Join one or more of the Working Groups that interest you found in the Member Portal > Groups tab > Request Invite
  • Present in our TRX Webinar Series, a one-hour presentation highlighting the work you are doing followed by a time for questions and answers.
  • Attend these informational TRX Webinar sessions presented by other members.
  • Attend our in-person TRX and MMX events, and our virtual TRX and Game Day events to learn and network.
  • Post your news and events in the Member Portal Feed to foster collaboration and networking.
  • Include your news in our biweekly AM Digest newsletter by sending it to: MemberNews@AmericaMakes.us

The America Makes Membership Team can provide a list of all attendees to cost share eligible events near your renewal time or by request.

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