Membership FAQ


Among the benefits most cited by current members is the ability to participate in projects, insights into the AM industry, networking, access to America Makes resources and opportunities to grow your business.

Our portfolio includes public and private funds for the purpose of advancing the additive manufacturing/3D printing industry.

Term and Payment

Membership is a 12-month period beginning in the month that an organization joins and is renewable annually.

There are three levels of annual membership: Silver tier of $15,000, Gold tier of $50,000, and Platinum tier of $200,000.

There are options for payment of the membership fees. Organizations may elect to pay for their membership by cash at the time of joining or opt to utilize our @Program Cost Share program to accrue sufficient credits to cover the membership fees by the end of the 12-month membership period. At the start of each membership year, fees may be paid by cash, cost share (@Program and Project), or a combination of these options.

America Makes offers credits to offset the cost of membership for activities you may already be doing. For example, attendance at America Makes events, involvement in our Working Groups, and promoting America Makes can reduce your out-of-pocket expense for membership. Please refer to our current @Program Cost Share Menu for more details.

Notable Benefits

CORE is a repository for all our project deliverables since our inception in 2012 and is the center of all we do. Access to CORE may be granted once a new membership is fully paid (i.e., cash upon signing, or when you have accrued sufficient cost share to cover your full membership fees).

This members-only site is designed to aid you in developing connections with the membership, access news and resources, report and track @Program cost share, and share your latest endeavors.

How to Join

  • The first step is to complete our online request and profile form.
  • Someone from our Membership Team will contact you with the next steps in the process.
  • You will be asked to review and sign the America Makes Membership Agreement required for every member.
  • If you choose to participate in the @Program for payment of your membership, you will also need to complete our Memorandum of Understanding for this beneficial option.
  • If your organization is foreign owned, an additional form will need to be completed and will be sent to the foreign membership committee for approval. Please allow a minimum of three weeks for your application to be reviewed and approved by our Executive Director and foreign membership committee.
  • Requirements include:
  • An incorporated subsidiary in the U.S. contributing to the U.S. economy and industries.
  • Compliance with U.S. laws, regulations, and fair-trade practices.
  • Project funding and/or activities must remain in the U.S.

Still have questions?

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