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Membership Benefits

America Makes is a public-private membership organization that provides vision, leadership, and tools to its members. Currently, America Makes manages a portfolio of more than $96 million in public and private funds for members to advance the state-of-the-art in additive manufacturing and 3DP in the United States.  

Our members inherently understand that we can achieve more as a collaborative community to advance additive manufacturing technology development, adoption, commercialization, and education. In joining a member community made of leaders from industry, academia, non-profits, and government agencies, together we can:

  • Collaborate on innovations;
  • Maximize applied research and development funding;
  • Target areas that hold the most promise or address the greatest need;
  • Leverage shared knowledge, resources, and costs;
  • Innovate technologies, processes, and materials;
  • Overcome challenges quickly;
  • Accelerate time to market; and
  • Become more globally competitive.

There are three levels of membership, featuring invaluable benefits for each tier, including access to valuable intellectual property, technical presentations, project calls, our Innovation Factory, and much more.

Specific terms and conditions are further detailed in the formal Membership Agreement. The following are the various levels of membership available with the corresponding benefits:






Access to new R&D funding through networking and resources
Platform to collaborate with industry and peers
Access to member-only data
Access to America Makes intellectual property *
Lead Project teams in America Makes project calls
Participate in America Makes directed project calls
Coordinated access to the additive manufacturing supply chain
PDF version of the Wohlers Report 1 1 3
Government contract navigation assistance
Training discount
Technical presentations and workshops
Poster session participation
Platform to socialize research results
Serve on America Makes' advisory committees, working groups
Attend semi-annual members-only program management reviews
Sponsor an Internship
Deployment and strategy consultation Fee for Service Discounted Fee
Technology roadmap participation
Governance board seat
Use of America Makes facilities for R&D
Embed employee at America Makes Fee-based
Complimentary silver membership for gifting * Discounted Fee
Incubator acceleration package
*Complete details about all member rights are contained in the membership agreement.
NOTE: These descriptions are provided as an overview only and are subject to change. Please contact us to learn more about membership rights, including access to intellectual property.

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