Senior Project Engineer-Education/Workforce Development

Youngstown, Ohio
Blairsville, Pennsylvania

Purpose of the Position

Effectively and efficiently plan, lead and execute multiple projects within their defined project scopes and budgetary constraints.  Develop SOW’s, cost proposals and project timelines for new opportunities in collaboration with the Director of Education and Workforce Development as needed.  The incumbent must communicate well between a diverse customer base including; management, engineers and technicians as well as within the educational/academic and workforce development stakeholders.  The incumbent will also be responsible for generating monthly, annual and final technical reports, impact reports and tracking project metrics on all assigned projects.


This position works under the supervision of Director of Education and Workforce Development (EWD)

This position must work independently on multiple projects to accomplish goals with minimal supervision and in collaboration with the Director of EWD

Most areas of responsibility are reviewed on a monthly basis.  Frequently goals are set that span up to 3-6 months for completion with monthly milestones. Project reports to the appropriate Manager or Project Leader shall be submitted weekly.

Long-term development programs can span one (1) year with the expectation of monthly reporting and updates to be sent to the appropriate Manager.

Knowledge and Experience

Requirements include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related engineering technical area with >10 years relevant experience or
  • Bachelor’s degree in education or curriculum/instructional design with >10 years relevant experience or
  • Associate’s degree in engineering or a related engineering technical area with at least 20 years relevant experience with depth of experience in workforce programs.
  • Candidates must demonstrate extensive project management experience >10 years

The incumbent :

  • Must demonstrate extensive project management experience >10 years
  • Must demonstrate consistent career achievement including supervising project budgets (material/labor) and proven ability to generate reports.
  • Minimum of 5-7 years experience in leading and maintaining projects, including effective delegation of tasks is a plus.
  • Candidates that have familiarity, executed projects, or have engaged in workforce development, education and training programs are highly preferred.
  • Strong or above average oral and written communications skills required for effective project leadership. Emphasis placed on technical report writing.
  • Candidates must have a demonstrated record of engaging with stakeholders of varied audiences and across government, academia and industry.

Travel is required for this position.

Quantitative Data

The incumbent must be able to coordinate and execute multiple technical projects up to and including:

  • Project time management.
  • Project budget management – up to $1.0 M.
  • Mindful of the impact of finding cost appropriate quotes
  • Determining the most appropriate internal and external (subcontractors) delegation that is best suited to achieve improvements upon project management. It is critical to accomplish project objectives and to stay within budget limits.
  • Developing customer relationships, to ensure customer satisfaction, in turn opening up new opportunities for project identification
  • Execution on reporting and impact metrics data tracking within projects


Estimated % of total job time
1. Plans and executes projects within management approved parameters. Delegates tasks as needed for the timely completion of assigned projects.Identify business opportunities, develop existing customers, and generate project plans as required.  Program plans to include:

  • Statement of Work
  • Cost Estimates
  • Detailed Timelines(Numbering is turned on for these items. Be sure to add percentages to next column.)
  • Assisting in the contracting process
  • Host and participate in scheduled project meetings on regular basis
2. Interface and support internal NCDMM personnel, external institute members, and stakeholders to ensure the development, implementation, and necessary consultation to reach the most effective solutions. Includes customer interface/presentation and travel associated with process and technology transfer to the customer. Develop customer relationships to ensure customer satisfaction, in turn opening up new opportunities for project identification 20%
3. Works closely with the Director of EWD and contracting authority to ensure adequate project reporting (budget and progress milestones) for internal & external audit review.  Including project impact metrics tracking 5%
4. Performs other related duties, as needed which contribute to the overall success of the NCDMM. 5%

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