Top Designs Announced: May 12, 2020

Fit to Face – Mask Design Challenge

an America Makes Innovation Sprint

The Fit to Face – Mask Design Challenge calls on all innovators and designers to quickly create and / or modify 3D printed face mask designs to fit a wide range of faces while improving continuous fit-to-face contact and providing safe sealing between the skin and mask.

Submission Deadline has Expired.
Thank you to those that have participated!

How It Works

Step 1


Download the Challenge Data Package to participate in the challenge.

Download Package »

Step 2


Design a 3D printed face mask that can seal and fit many face sizes.

Step 3


Submit your design package by 11:59 pm EDT April 26, 2020.

America Makes will announce the top design(s) on May 11, 2020.

About the Challenge

People’s faces are very diverse; from the length and width of their face to the contours of their nose, or the distance between their chin and highest point of their head. The uniqueness of individuals sets us apart, but it also creates a challenge as we overcome the lack of PPE during these difficult times. Currently, additively manufactured (AM) / 3D printed (3DP) masks lack a robust and secure fit that a wide variety of wearers need.

America Makes is challenging all innovators and designers to use the provided NIOSH shared headforms (included in Challenge Data Package) to create and / or modify face mask designs, improving continuous fit-to-face contact, and provide safe sealing between the skin and mask. Mask designs shall be 3D printed, except for filter media and retention straps.  Designs should cover the nose and mouth and create an airtight seal that allows the user to comfortably breath, but limits unintentional leak paths. While filtration is not a specific focus of this current challenge, design submissions shall include a bill of materials including a description of the recommended filter media.  Designs shall not include exhalation valves.

Each participant is allowed one submission that shall be composed of at most three mask designs.  It is highly desired that these three designs maximize fit across all types of faces and it is anticipated that the five NIOSH headforms (small, medium, large, long/narrow, short/wide) will aid designers in crafting their submissions.  Submissions shall include one design file per mask design. Please do NOT send a physically printed mask.

Questions related to this Challenge should be emailed to

Important Dates:

Challenge Announced April 20, 2020
Submission Deadline 11:59 pm EDT on  April 26, 2020
Top five submissions provided to VA, NIH, and FDA for review process May 1, 2020
Top Design(s) Announced May 11, 2020


This is an open source challenge. All innovators, 3D printers, and designers in the U.S. and abroad are encouraged to participate. All submissions must be open-source designs.