Intro to Quality Assurance and Inspection for AM

April 05, 2022 | Categories:

The Intro to Quality Assurance and Inspection for Additive Manufacturing (AM) course will provide attendees with a strong baseline knowledge of what Quality Assurance means for AM, and what inspection methods can be applied to the process. There is a practical aspect to the course, using the America Makes Educational Sample (AMES) which contains examples of flaws that can potentially be found in AM products.

This course is aimed at individuals who wish to increase their basic experience in Quality Assurance and Inspection, or those who have experience from other manufacturing technologies and wish to understand where AM may be different. More experienced individuals are also encouraged to join the course to support with validation of their knowledge, and to help shape future versions of the course.

The first delivery of this course will be virtual over two days, with feedback from attendees requested to understand where the content can be improved. Attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance from ASTM International.

Shane Collins, Dr. Youping Gao, Steve James, and Dr. Martin White will be instructing the course. To read more, visit