DigitalClone for Additive Manufacturing

December 27, 2022 | Categories:

This webinar dives into the computational modeling simulation process, leveraging Sentient’s DigitalClone materials science and physics-based modeling approach for Additive Manufacturing.

Sentient Science has developed software capabilities to simulate the reliability and quality of additive manufactured parts – answering the questions “will it build” and “what is the life of the AM part”. In this webinar, Sentient will demonstrate how our software suite can (1) simulate the part-level distortion and residual stress with respect to various key process parameters; (2) examine Additively produced parts at a microscale level to predict the grain size, grain structure and porosity using a limited set of machine-specific calibration parameters and (3) predict the fatigue performance at the grain level considering the variations and defects exhibited microstructurally at specific mechanical loading conditions.