AMNOW Polymer Challenge Webinar

April 01, 2022 | Categories:

NCDMM and America Makes will be unveiling the AMNOW Polymer Challenge — a challenge to those working in data analytics and artificial intelligence in advanced manufacturing to demonstrate their capabilities using a dataset recently developed by AMNOW program with intentional anomalies introduced in the material extrusion process. While high-cost industrial machines and feedstock are producing industrial production parts in almost every industry, the same degree of consistency and quality is not demonstrated on low-cost desktop printers.  In-situ monitoring using low-cost sensors and data analysis offers the potential to evaluate the quality of a part without expensive or destructive testing.  Ultimately, when this monitoring is coupled with closed-loop feedback, the ability to produce industrial-grade components with lower-cost printers and feedstocks could be realized.

The program produced more than 60 parts in a series of control and test set data-rich 3D Printed builds using two Material Extrusion machines equipped with data acquisition equipment and 3rd party sensors.

This data set consists of:

  • Build Geometries and Layout
  • Filament Information
  • Slicer Information
  • Machine and Sensor Time-Series Data from >60 Parts from 2 different machines
  • Pressure Test Results

Additionally, all of the data has been associated to enhance correlation and analysis.

The Challenge: Demonstrate the ability to detect and predict anomalies through data analysis.

The Opportunity: The opportunity is not only to have access to this correlated, rich dataset and the ability to report your findings to the broader America Makes audience but to earn a small contract.

RFP to be released April 13.