2nd ASTM AM CoE Specialty Workshop: In-Situ Technology Readiness for Applications in AM Qualification and Certification

June 08, 2022 | Categories:

In-situ monitoring technologies for additive manufacturing (AM) may be used as a means of controlling part quality and reducing ex-situ inspection requirements. This is due to AM part quality being directly influenced by process variables. In-situ monitoring can also provide additional insights regarding the effect of various elements of the AM value chain, including powder and design processing, on part quality. Ultimately, in-situ technologies may provide a solution to quality assessment of components with complex geometries that are hard to inspect via traditional ex-situ inspection techniques. The ability to control the process is critical enough to make in-situ monitoring an essential R&D need for future qualification and certification activities.

This workshop will focus on assessment of high-maturity technologies relevant to the application of in-situ monitoring in AM qualification and certification. Fundamental studies or commercial aspects of in-situ technologies will not be covered.

Main topics of interest are per following:

  • Approaches to AM qualification using in-situ methods as a quality assurance tool in critical applications

  • Integrations of in-situ monitoring systems in AM production for real-time monitoring and closed-loop control

  • Correlation of in-situ monitoring data to AM material defect states and process escapes, computational models, and traditional inspection techniques

One outcome of this workshop will be a roadmap that captures the input of various sectors to identify and prioritize existing challenges, potential future solutions, and specific actions to follow the workshop. This work will be leveraged for prioritization of future R&D efforts and development of related standards.

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