Design for Additive Manufacturing: Material, Process, Geometry


June 17 - June 19
All Day


Novelty, OH


Once thought of simply as a process with potential, additive manufacturing (AM) has rapidly evolved to become a critical component in many industrial producers’ end-part production. Advancements in processes are positioning AM ever more competitively with conventional serial part production, while concomitantly reducing material usage and waste. Flexibility and speed of tooling fabrication by AM is further allowing companies to reduce development cycles. Furthermore, precursor materials continue to evolve, opening the door to cost-efficient production of parts using plastics, metals, ceramics and composites.

This course introduces attendees to the full range of AM processes, the materials used in those processes, geometric flexibility and limitations, and typical applications. The topics are covered in the context of design for additive manufacturing, namely the integrated specification of material characteristics, process parameters, and geometric features to meet application objectives. Completion of this course provides a foundation for further study of materials characterization, post-processing and part qualification as they relate to this increasingly present manufacturing process.

Who Should Attend:

This course is intended for engineers, designers, technicians, and managers interested in understanding the essential features of AM, evaluating the technologies for their industries, and applying AM through rational product design.

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