Design for Additive Manufacturing Course | Design at Elevation


September 11 - September 13
All Day


Frisco, CO


Design at ElevationAttend a special three-day course on design for additive manufacturing (DfAM). Topics covered include consolidating many parts into one, topology optimization, and lattice/mesh structures. The course includes considerations for metal, polymer, and composite materials, the creation of custom parts, and reducing the need for expensive support material. Presentations and hands-on exercises cover these and many other topics.

The course presents best practices and includes DfAM guidelines that have been created over the years. It includes design rules and guiding principles for most AM processes and materials, with an emphasis on building high-quality, functional parts. Examples include minimum wall thicknesses, smallest diameters for pins and holes, the building of screw threads, clearances for moving parts, and overhanging features. Participants will gain valuable hands-on experience by designing real parts and building them on industrial AM equipment.

Participants experienced with CAD can use any design software for the course. CAD familiarity is not mandatory. One of several group exercises includes the 3D scanning of a person’s anatomy (e.g., face or hand), which is then used to 3D print a personalized product. A panel of DfAM experts will answer detailed questions and provide additional information and perspective.

Click here for the three-day course outline. Past courses in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, South Africa, and the U.S. have received an overall average score of 4.7 from the participants, with five being the best.

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