ASTM Webinar: AM Processes: Principles of Polymer AM

ASTM Webinar: AM Processes: Principles of Polymer AM  

About the Webinar:

Introduced with the first SLA® machine, polymers continue to have a broad range of applications from design verification models to mass customization products. As processes and systems continue to evolve within AM, especially, the exponential growth of low-cost polymer-based systems, this has presented a significant challenge in identifying and selecting the appropriate material and system for the practitioner. This rapid growth has enabled the expansion of these in homes, K-12 schools and in different industrial settings. To assist the novice and expert interested in leveraging polymer AM, the different forms of raw materials will be discussed including their associated systems and mode of generation.

This webinar will introduce the different types of polymers used in AM, their mode and method of generation and associated systems, highlight key polymer materials and case studies.

Learning Outcomes:

  • After completing this webinar the attendees will achieve the following

  • Have a basic understanding of types of polymer-based materials used in AM

  • Have a better understanding of the material form

  • A basic understanding of the AM technologies and systems producing polymer materials

  • Ability to navigate the range of materials and systems for their specific application


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June 30
10:00 am – 11:00 am