ASME Webinar: Low Code Development: Empowering the Era of the Digital Mechanical Engineer

The future of work is increasingly digital. A resilient, analytics driven industrial enterprise requires engineers that are digitally savvy, data empowered, and able to collaborate transparently across departments. How will traditional engineering roles evolve and gain these skills, what can your organization do today? Join this webinar to hear how Matt Bryan, Director of Engineering Design Process and Tools, at Siemens energy is upskilling the next generation of Mechanical Engineers through targeted training and a low-code applications development approach.

Joining Matt will be Dr. Ed Marotta, Director Plant Analytics, Yutime Petroleum to discuss the key programming and data science competencies, depth of knowledge required, and how to best acquire the education needed to participate in the digital industrial ecosystem.


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June 16
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm