America Makes AM Technology Roadmap Workshop – MEMBERS ONLY

This workshop is for America Makes Members Only!!!

America Makes will be hosting a LIVE and in-person Members Only AM Technology Roadmap Workshop on Thursday, August 5, 2021, following the Technical Review and Exchange (TRX) at The Ohio State University (OSU). The workshop will be focusing on the the AM Technology Roadmap Swimlanes: Design, Materials & AM Genome. The workshop will promptly begin at 8:00am EDT and conclude at 1:00pm EDT. Breakfast pastries, boxed lunches coffee, water and soda will be provided.

In coordination with the America Makes Roadmap Advisory Group (RMAG), the workshop is an opportunity for members to have an impact on the future strategic focus of America Makes. As a member, your input is key to the ongoing development of the Additive Manufacturing (AM) Technology Roadmap, Open Project Calls, and realizing the value of your membership.

Participation in the workshop will introduce members to efforts conducted by the RMAG and the swimlane working groups which offer opportunity to explore and inform the AM Technology Roadmap.  Activities offer opportunities to drive the focus of our efforts to meet the needs of members.  Your presence and participation, allows your voice to be heard about your needs.  We highly encourage all members to register and attend this workshop —This is the first in-person workshop in over two years.  It is time for your voice to be heard!

This workshop will be held immediately following TRX @ OSU. Registration for this workshop and TRX are separate. Don’t forget to register for TRX @ OSU, here.

All participants in this workshop are eligible to claim $2500 Cost Share Credit through the @Program!


When you register to attend this workshop, you will need to choose two swimlanes that most interest you.

  • Design – Aimed at driving technological advancements in new and novel design methods and tools required to break the cycle of designing additive manufacturing parts like cast or machined parts.
  • Material* – Aimed at building the body of knowledge for benchmark additive manufacturing property characterization data and eliminating variability in “as-built” material properties.
  • AM Genome* – Aimed at accelerating technological advancements that enable step change improvements in the time and cost required to design, develop and qualify new materials for additive manufacturing.


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August 5
8:00 am – 1:00 pm

Please note: Citizens of the following countries will NOT be allowed to participate: China, Cuba, North Korea, Libya, Syria, Iran, and Sudan. Registration from these countries will be cancelled.