AlphaSTAR Webinar: AM Parameter Driven Multi-Part Simulation for SLS

The use of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) additive manufacturing process in industrial and consumer-based applications have seen a sustained upsurge over the past years. The GENOA 3DP toolset offers a solution to simulate the SLS printer build volume during mass production of multiple parts simultaneously. This capability considers the thermal interaction among multiple components, unfused powder and the bottom plate while printing is in process and finished. Applying this method results in predicting the NET shape error tolerance of any individual part regarding its location in the build volume and also to study the possibility of damages and failure during the print.

Users can apply GENOA 3DP for:

  • Thermal Management:
    • At the material level based on key print parameters to generates process thermal & void maps to understand stable and unstable regions of print process. -At the part level analyze multiple parts with both unfused and fused regions to calculate part temperature history (even beyond melt temperature) and micro void distribution while considering exact layer thickness.
  • Toolpath Errors:
    • To predict macro voids due to print path errors and degrade material properties at every element based on void volume ratio.
  • Mapping:
    • To map thermal history and micro void to FE Structural mesh.
  • Material Modeling:
    • To generate temperature dependent mechanical properties
  • FE Thermal Structural Analysis:
    • To perform distortional analysis and monitor damage evolution


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June 22
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm