Additive Manufacturing Simulation Workshop


May 8
All Day


Knoxville, TN


This is a free workshop for anyone who has FEM experience and wants to take their Additive Manufacturing process to the next level. Designed as a quasi-training experience for attendees, this event is the ideal way to understand the vast benefits of advanced simulation and how using GENOA 3DP toolset’s robust capabilities can provide predictive accuracy down to the micro-scale, reduce material waste & engineering time significantly, and achieve an optimum 3D printed build.

GENOA 3DP is a micromechanical solution that allows users to virtually qualify each step of the AM process from material characterization, to build simulation/optimization to in-service loading of the printed part.


What topics will you learn?

✓ Simulation & Qualification for Additive Manufacturing:

  • Metal | Polymer | Ceramic:
  • Predication of Manufacturing Anomalies: Strength, Toughness, Surface Roughness, Voids, Deformation, Residual Stress + more.

✓ Material Modeling for Additive Manufacturing

  • Prediction of Mechanical Properties for 3D printed materials
  • Identifying voids and surface roughness effects

✓ Thermal Management:

  • Predict thermal and material states [void, density, volume of solid]
  • Predict dynamic evolution of meltpool and heat affected zone
  • Predict zones of stability/instability with respect to optimum print region

✓ Quality Assessment of:

  • G-code, laser path, printed part


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