2023 Additive Manufacturing Conference

November 07, 2023 | Categories: Industry Event

2023 Additive Manufacturing Conference


Nov 7, 2023 - Nov 9, 2023    
All Day

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Whether you’re a foundry operator, casting designer or buyer, or industry supplier, the additive manufacturing revolution is going to shape your career. Stay ahead of the curve by attending the 2023 Additive Manufacturing Conference in Dearborn, MI.

Experts in foundry AM will lead sessions covering a comprehensive range of additive manufacturing disciplines. Recent foundry case studies in which AM was used to solve design, tooling, and/or production problems will be presented, along with cases where AM created opportunities not available through conventional methods. Is direct metal printing going to replace castings? This key question, along with many others, will be tackled during these in-depth sessions. There will also be a tour of the Aristo Cast facilities on Thursday, November 9, for interested registrants.

Topics include:

  • Designing for additive manufacturing
  • 3D-printed sand molds & cores
  • Printed hard tooling & fixtures
  • Hybrid applications
  • Applied Research

The Henry Hotel, Dearborn, MI

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