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ASTM Professional Certificate Course in AM

September 05, 2023 | Categories: Industry Event

Sep 5, 2023 - Oct 3, 2023 @ All Day - About the Course The ASTM Professional Certificate Course in Additive Manufacturing is comprised of 8 modules that cover all the general concepts of the AM process chain. To give flexibility to the attendees, the course is scheduled such that two modules will be covered every week to complete the entire course in one month. This [...]... Read More

TRX Webinar – Thermal-Mechanical Analysis to Assess Part Printability and Predict As-Built Part Quality

September 13, 2023 | Categories: AM Event

Sep 13, 2023 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm - Join Dr. Rashid Miraj, Director of Technical Operations from AlphaSTAR Technology Solutions, for this informative webinar from the comfort of your office. While the use of Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes in industrial and consumer-based applications has seen a sustained upsurge over the past years, a critical bottleneck – the ability to consistently produce high-quality parts [...]... Read More