2021 National Space & Missile Materials Symposium (NSMMS) & the Commercial and Government Responsive Access to Space Technology Exchange (CRASTE)

NSMMS focuses on the material industry’s needs and most recent advances to enable new capabilities for challenges associated with new and future space and missile systems. A special focus is given to advanced materials technology development which is crucial to improve performance and reliability of both defense and commercial systems.

CRASTE  brings system integrators and subsystem technology experts together to improve space access capabilities and responsiveness. Special focus is given to the integration of emerging technologies, including advanced concepts, with space-access architectures to create new markets and improve existing systems for government and commercial users.

The 2021 forum will have a joint senior level Plenary Session; a variety of technical sessions covering ground-breaking research and technology; a deep dive into special topics via a full day of tutorials and workshops; a Small Business Forum designed to match small business capabilities with OEM and agency needs; a student grant program which promotes college-level participation in science and technology; a work-share and job board program to promote workforce development; an industry showcase exhibit show; a technical poster session; and a variety of networking and collaboration events.  Topics this year include:

  1. (NSMMS): Additive Manufacturing for Space & Missile Materials
  2. (CRASTE): Advances in Ground System & Range Operations
  3. (NSMMS): Development, Processing, & Testing of Advanced Materials
  4. (CRASTE): Emerging Entry, Descent, and Recovery Systems & Technologies
  5. (CRASTE): Emerging Propulsion Systems
  6. (NSMMS): Ground & Flight Test Methodologies
  7. (NSMMS & CRASTE): High Altitude/Sub-Orbital Platforms & Experiments
  8. (NSMMS): Hypersonics
  9. (CRASTE): Innovative Test Methodologies & Platforms
  10. (NSMMS & CRASTE): Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) & Integrated Systems Health Monitoring (ISHM)
  11. (NSMMS): Missiles & Missile Defense
  12. (NSMMS): Mission Operations & Experiments in Space
  13. (CRASTE): Orbital Access for Small Payloads
  14. (CRASTE): Reducing Cost, Increasing Safety, & Improving Reliability
  15. (NSMMS & CRASTE): Space Access & Propulsion

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June 21 – June 24
All Day


Rockville, MD