17:00 No Host Gathering @ Roosters Tap Room, 2325 B Avenue, Ogden, UT 84401
* Subject to Change
8:00 Kickoff – America Makes & UAMMI
8:10 Keynote: Kori Ann Edwards, Managing Director, Operations, Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity
8:40 5505:  Additive for eXtreme Improvements in Optical Mounts (AXIOM) – Topology Optimized Reflective Optics (TORO); Matthew Lynch, Raytheon
9:10 5523:  Engine Part Manufacturing and Testing by Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing; Ifeanyi Umunna, Honeywell
9:30 5519:  Metal Additive Manufacturing and Topology Optimization of Topology Optimization of Self-Propelled Howitzer System Selected Components; Matthew King, Altair
9:50 3026.001:  Surrogate Damage Generation for LPBF Defects with Titanium Alloy Ti-6Al-4V; Abdalla Nasar, Penn State University
10:50 5001.002.002.003:  Best Practices for Additive Manufacturing Part Families Relating to Product Qualification& Certification, ASTM
11:20 5507:  Qualification Requirements for Additive Manufacturing Processes; Dennis Harwig, EWI
13:00 5512:  Additive Manufacturing QLVP for Expeditionary and Small Manufacturer Applications; George Caravias, Geofabrica
13:20 5001.002.001.002:  Open Framework for Real-Time Control and Mitigation of Defects in Metal PBF  (OFF-RAMP); Abdalla Nassar, Penn State University
13:40 5001.002.001.003:  Strategies for Real-Time Defect Mitigation for Additive Manufacturing (AM) Processes; Ted Reutzel, Penn State University
14:00 Spencer Loveless, CEO/Founder, Merit3D
15:00 5001.002.002.005:  Quantifying the Effects of Build Interruptions Through in Process Monitoring and Mechanical Test; Cameron Gygi, Ohio State University
15:30 Exploring Opportunities for Efficiency Improvements in Allowables Generation Panel Discussion: Donald Godfrey, SLM Solutions; David Spain, Northrop Grumman; Zach Simkin, Senvol; Richard Russell, NASA; and James Sobotka, SWRI; Moderated by Brandon Ribic, America Makes
16:30 DoD Joint Additive Manufacturing Work Group (JAMWG) Update and FY22-23 Priorities; Brett Conner, PhD., PM2 Strategies
17:30 NETWORKING RECEPTION @ Union Train Station Museum, 2501 Wall Avenue, Ogden, UT 84401 (
17:30-19:30 Parker Hannifin Facilty Tours, 1425 West 2675 North, Ogden, UT 84401 (sign up on site of TRX)
* Subject to Change
8:00 Kickoff – America Makes & UAMMI
8:10 Keynote: Dan Zumbo, PMP, Parker Hannifin Additive Manufacturing Ops Manager
8:40 5001.002.002.001:  Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Error Recognition and Resolution (HAMERR); Cory Jamieson, Penn State University
9:10 5001.002.002.004:  Defect Detection and Mitigation via Selective Laser Ablation & Melting (SLAM); John Middendorf, Open Additive
9:40 5522: High Temperature Applications using Advanced Manufacturing; Georgette Nelson, America Makes
10:10 5525:  RIA Robotic DED System – Digital Twin Setup & Capability Demonstration (WAAM); Dennis Harwig, EWI
11:05 3026.005:  Corrosion Performance Design Guide for Additively Manufactured Ni-base Alloy 625; Jared Blecher, 3D Systems
11:35 Thom Fronk, Senior Associate Dean, Engineering, Utah State University
12:05 5513:  Thermal Aging of F357; Francisco Medina, UTEP
13:50 5520:  Material Properties of Digital Light Processing Components; Allison Cox, UDRI
14:10 5001.002.001.005:  Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing Data Package Maturation; Mark Norfolk, Fabrisonic
14:40 5001.002.001.001:  Qualification of Additive Aluminum Alloys for High Temperature Extreme Environments; Paul Wilson, Boeing
15:10 5511:  Joint Metal Additive Database Definition (JMADD); Joel White, NIAR
15:40 5001.002.001.004:  Introductory Inspection and Quality Assurance of Additive Manufacturing using the AMES Test Artifact; Shane Collins, ASTM
16:10 5514:  Data Driven Qualification for Additive Manufacturing; Joy Gockel, Colorado School of Mines
16:30 Paul Witherell, PhD, NIST
17:30-19:30 Parker Hannifin Facility Tours, 1425 West 2675 North, Ogden, UT 84401
18:00-20:00 UAMMI/Catalyst Campus Networking Reception
* Subject to Change
8:00-14:00 America Makes AM Technology Roadmap – Members Only (Register)
8:30-11:30 Composites 101 hosted by UAMMI – Brent Strong presenting (Register)
12:00-17:30 UAMMI Crosstalk Event (Register)
9:00-16:00 Hill Aerospace Museum