Numerous opportunities for engagement

Our members have numerous opportunities to be engaged with us and the America Makes member community. The following are some of the key ways.


@ Program

To better fulfill its role as an impartial convener, America Makes’ @Program is an innovative methodology to continue cultivating a diverse and robust membership community to more broadly represent the AM ecosystem in the U.S. It is America Makes’ desire to establish more relationships with more organizations, working to advance the AM industry and making membership a more feasible option.


Project Engagement

Facilitating and executing technical research and development is core to America Makes. We use the Roadmap requirements to develop Roadmap-aligned project summaries. These project summaries are released to our membership through a Project Call.


Event Engagement

Each year, America Makes hosts large events for members and non-members. MMX or Member Meeting & Exchange is a yearly event held in Youngstown, Ohio. We also hold TRX-Technical Review & Exchange events throughout the year at various locations with specific focus areas.

Both types of events provide invaluable networking opportunities. These events bring together more than 200 thought leaders from every corner of industry, academia, and government.

Advisory & working groups

Advisory Engagement

America Makes has a number of Advisory Groups and Working Groups within its domain. Some of the Advisory Groups have Working Groups that have specific focus areas that report back to the Advisory Group.