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The America Makes team is excited to announce that we are making changes to streamline the information currently available on the members-only side of the website.

We will be removing the login requirement on and migrating all of the member-only information to the America Makes Digital Storefront. This will provide the members with a great way to explore, discover and consume all of the information disseminated by America Makes.

The member’s-only information will be located in both the Digital Storefront and the website until July 15, 2017. Effective July 16, 2017, the members side of the website will be removed and the member content will be housed only on the Digital Storefront.

We encourage every member of America Makes to gain access to the Digital Storefront as soon as possible and familiarize yourself with the platform by attending a free “Intro to the Digital Storefront” webinar.


Please refer to the Website User Guide to create an account.

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