Authentise is Bringing Automated Workflows to Pre-production

December 09, 2020 | Categories: Member News

The Authentise MES just received a new batch of updates in the form of pre-production workflows

This new feature gives users the ability to assign pre-production workflow templates to line items, which  include multiple sequential process steps, like mesh healing, creating an offer and receiving a PO, deciding on support, orientation and nesting strategies, final parameter determination and simulation, approvals and reviews, and more. You’ll also be able to add a description and expected timings (both processing and dwell times are estimated, and actuals recorded).

You can also assign specific user groups to process the process step. Only when all steps are complete is the object cleared for scheduling and production. You can add specific users to these user groups, which can be defined by administrators. This feature means that only authorized users are able to process the relevant steps and record details – this makes sure that only administrators complete the “review” stages for example, or only finance managers “sign off” on a PO. Of course, all these actions are recorded in the traceability report.

This update is important for a number of reasons:

  • Improved efficiency: greater communication and structured part prep
  • Process adherence: ensure that the right people are doing the right thing at the right time
  • Traceability: includes the job costing baseline you need to improve your processes in the future

To learn more about how Workflows work in the Authentise MES, check out this feature video.

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