Authentise Brings Client-based Updates to the MES

September 11, 2019 | Categories: Member News

Dozens of other, smaller updates were made to Authentise’s MES recently. Authentise takes great pride in bringing customer feedback in the development loop, always prioritizing features and tools aimed at solving real-life problems.

Based on customer feedback, the MES has been improved for greater clarity, specifically at the Order level. Now, the user can see what % of parts has been completed without having to scroll through the whole order, as well as a likely due date, based on the workflow and historical processing times.

The Authentise app is also getting a new clarity feature, showing how many and which parts are being updated simultaneously.

Clarity isn’t only coming to the website though. It’s also coming to the App. A really simple but effective update shows in the app how many parts are being updated simultaneously, what parts they are and which orders they belong to.

These changes are among the smallest, but most visible. They, and the backend changes that are adding more smarts to the system, are all built on continual customer feedback. Authentise is proud to work in partnership with our customers, machine, material and software collaborators. It’s together that we drive the industry forward.

If you’d like to reach out to suggest a feature feel free to reach out to Cosimo Orban. If you’d like to experience the platform with a hands-on demo, schedule the best time to make it happen here.

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