Accessibility Policy

We’ve done our best to create an accessible experience on this site, but we welcome your feedback. If you find images with missing alt text, videos without captions, or any other accessibility barriers, please reach out to

Alternative Text

All images on this site are accompanied by brief alt text that identifies the image or its function. If you are using a browser, alt text is visible to non-screen reader users only if the browser’s automatic image loading feature is turned off. Long descriptions are provided for images where appropriate.

Site Layout

This site has been designed with existing accessibility recommendations and standards in mind. Pages include section headings that are properly marked up to improve navigation for screen reader users. To ensure complete accessibility to all users, this site is responsively designed for all screen sizes and global navigation is exposed when possible. High-contrast dark text on a light background is used for better readability.


AMJobs videos are captioned to ensure accessibility and provide support for understanding to as many of our visitors as possible.

Hyperlinks and Buttons

Hyperlinks are written so that they make sense when read out of context by a screen reader. Buttons include appropriate labels for screen reader user and interactive elements are selected in a logical order when navigating with only the keyboard.

Additional Technologies

The option to resize text is available in most browsers with a keyboard shortcut:

  • Control (or Command on the Mac) and + (plus) to zoom in
  • Control (or Command on the Mac) and – (minus) to zoom out
  • Control (or Command on the Mac) and 0 (zero) to reset the zoom level to the default (100%).

You can also find these options in the browser’s menus, usually under View.

Should you need to use a more feature-rich screen reader to access our site, a number of free options are available:

  • VoiceOver is built-in on Mac computers and iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad
  • Narrator is built-in on Windows computers and tablets, and NVDA is available as a free download as well
  • ChromeVox is available on Chromebooks
  • TalkBack is built-in on Android phones and tablets, and a version of it is also available on Amazon’s Fire tablets (called VoiceView)

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