AlphaSTAR Releases GENOA 3DP v9 with New Advanced Capabilities: PathCoverage & TMg

July 10, 2019 | Categories: Member News

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA (7/9/2019) AlphaSTAR Corporation has released v9 of its Additive Manufacturing simulation suite – GENOA 3DP.

GENOA 3DP utilizes multi-scale progressive failure analysis to simulate the AM process from Material Characterization to Process Simulation to In-Service Qualification of a printed part. The software is able to accurately predict deformation, residual stress, damage initiation and also determine voids, warpage, and other manufacturing anomalies seen in 3D printing. Additionally, the tool provides end users with the ability to assess material & process parameter sensitivities, significantly reducing trial & error, material waste and engineering time.

This release improves user-friendliness, enhances coupling with commercial FEA solvers, and introduces the addition of two new modules: PathCoverage & TMg.

GENOA 3DP PathCoverage is a print path error management tool that visualizes and accounts for problematic regions of printed parts. GENOA 3DP TMg is a thermal management tool that quickly and accurately predicts thermal history, material states, dynamic evolution of melt-pool & heat affected zones, all while identifying stable and unstable zones during the print process.

Additional New Features in GENOA 3DP v9 include:

  • Metal Additive Manufacturing, in Addition to Polymers
  • Supports External Mesh from FEA software
  • Design of Experiment using Surrogate Modeling Optimization Tool
  • Predicts and Incorporates Temperature Dependent 3D Printed Material Properties
  • 30+ Step by Step Tutorials

“The AlphaSTAR team has been working diligently to bring users this new and improved version of GENOA 3DP. The newest modules reflect what is needed by industry to continue moving Additive Manufacturing forward”, says Dr. Rashid Miraj – Director of Technical Operations at AlphaSTAR. “Undoubtedly, this toolset will be a key asset in the way engineers approach and solve the AM challenges that are being faced across the board.”

About AlphaSTAR Corporation: AlphaSTAR Corporation is a leading engineering services and software company that provides innovative physics-based simulation technologies for structural modeling and analysis of advanced composite structures in the aerospace, automotive, defense, and energy industries worldwide. As a solution provider, AlphaSTAR partners with DS SIMULIA, LSTC, MSC SOFTWARE, ANSYS and SIEMENS. AlphaSTAR is headquartered in Long Beach, California and is the recipient of esteemed industry and technology awards for R&D and software development.


Courtesy of AlphaSTAR