A New Milestone for Open Additive Manufacturing Platforms

October 23, 2018 | Categories: Member News

Authentise announces Prosper3D as first third-party integration that competes directly with its own tools.

Philadelphia, 16 Oct 2018 – Authentise (, the leader in data-driven workflow tools for additive manufacturing, today announced a new partnership with Prosper3D (, the provider of accurate quoting solutions for AM service bureaus, to give Authentise customers an even greater choice in tools to manage their workflow.

As part of the agreement, Authentise customers will be able to access the Prosper3D quoting engines seamlessly through the Authentise Additive Accelerator interface. This enables them to receive accurate Prosper3D quotes in addition to printability assessments, rendering, automatic traveler creation, file conversion and more for every geometry uploaded to the system. Access to the Prosper3D quoting algorithm comes on Authentise’s internal quoting tools, which are based on data drawn from machines. The integration can also be accessed via Authentise’s 3Diax modular platform.

“We are proud to work with Authentise to bring our quoting algorithms to additive customers,” says Ilan Sidi, CEO of Prosper3D. “For too long, service providers in the area have wasted time and money generating inaccurate quotes. This partnership broadens the reach of our advanced quoting tools.”

“This partnership shows once again how the industry can be accelerated by being open,” says Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise. “Our customers can now choose to switch quoting algorithm at zero switch cost – they don’t even need to learn a new software. In the end, the customer and the industry benefits because competition makes products evolve faster and they know they’re always getting best-in-class. We’re not afraid of competition – we invite it. Our partnership with Prosper3D proves that.”


For information, please contact:

Andre Wegner, CEO Authentise,  +1-650-861-7077

Ilan Sidi, CEO Prosper3D, +1-347-892-4716

Authentise delivers data-driven process automation software for the additive industry. It’s two products include the Additive Accelerator, a workflow management engine connected to additive machine data, and 3Diax, a platform of additive manufacturing related software modules. These tools now help some of the most exciting companies involved in additive R&D, prototyping and production to reduce effort and cost, improve traceability and transparency and deliver quality. Authentise was founded 2012 at Singularity University in California.

Prosper3D offers AM service bureau automation solutions. Specializing in customizing its solutions that fits the exact equipment and process requirements of its clients, Prosper3D is the only AM application solution that utilizes all factors needs to create accurate quotes, including precise print times, model materials, support materials, tray and nesting modes, assemblies and more. Prosper3D technology is used in leading AM printer manufacturers, software providers and service bureaus worldwide.


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Courtesy of Authentise