3YOURMIND helps enable secure and on-demand distributed manufacturing network for the US Navy

July 08, 2021 | Categories: Member News

Detroit, Michigan, July 8, 2021 – 3YOURMIND partners with the The Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific to develop a seamless, digital production workflow that enables distributed manufacturing. NIWC Pacific and NIWC Atlantic are strategically positioned to meet the nation’s demands for uninterrupted vigilance, adaptive response and engineering excellence. Adopting additive manufacturing technologies and integrating 3YOURMIND’s software platform to establish an AM specific digital thread and standardize workflows are a critical part of this mission.

3YOURMIND is proud to support the U.S. Navy, along with other US Services, to address the challenges of the 21st century battlefield by enhancing warfighter innovation through technology adoption. The AM software provider is committed to help the Department of Defense using additive manufacturing to create and distribute parts at locations across the globe and deliver assets in a timely manner regardless of quantity.

Source: NIWC Pacific 


The Agile manufacturing software solution is supporting the U.S. Navy to enhance its additive manufacturing efforts across multiple locations and track worldwide production of assets and parts.

“It’s imperative for the US military to have secure data and production transparency to achieve operational success,” says William Cuervo, Sr. Business Development Manager at 3YOURMIND “With multiple, international locations equipped with a variety of AM technologies, materials and competencies – it’s valuable to have a sophisticated software strategy that collates and organizes this information.” 

3YOURMIND provides ERP and MES solutions designed to establish a 3D printer network that is responsive, communicative and secure.

An operational environment, such as a battlefield, relies on quick and decisive solutions. The ability to print on demand in distributed manufacturing locations becomes a significant advantage and 3YOURMIND is the tool that makes it reliable, secure, and repeatable.

“Distributed manufacturing is a key tenant in delivering as-needed parts to the Fleet,” says William Cuervo, Sr. Business Development Manager at 3YOURMIND. “Being able to communicate the need for specific parts, safely transmit the associated manufacturing data, and monitor production at any location across the globe gives us the ability to be more effective than ever before.” 

3YOURMIND is committed to helping the U.S. Navy and NIWC Pacific develop cyber network infrastructure and knowledge management services to ensure that reliable information is available only to those who need it, where and when they need it.

Source : 3YOURMIND Agile MES platform


By integrating 3YOURMIND’s ERP and MES software solutions, they take another step forward to ensure battlefield readiness and enable warfighter innovation.


3YOURMIND’s unique end-to-end workflow software enables industry leaders to build on-demand distributed production models. 3YOURMIND offers Enterprise Software to automate additive manufacturing processes and workflows. Their modularized product suite standardizes every aspect of the Additive Manufacturing supply chain from the creation of digital qualified parts inventories to shop-floor processes automation. The Agile PLM analyzes historical part data to build a digital inventory of AM-ready parts. The Agile ERP automates AM pricing, production recommendations and routine business processes for order management. The Agile MES optimizes scheduling, transparency and quality assurance tracking along the AM production chain. With end-to-end transparency, traceability and flexibility, the software lays the foundation for Agile Manufacturing. 3YOURMIND is a global organization with headquarters in Berlin, Germany and satellite offices throughout Europe and the United States.