3Degrees Launches TRACE To Drive Consistency, Best Practices in 3D Printing

March 15, 2019 | Categories: Member News

Software meets users’ demand for an intuitive, flexible tool to address evolving requirements in quality management

CHICAGO, IL, March 12, 2019 – 3Degrees, LLC, a leading 3D Printing consultancy, is excited to announce the development of TRACE, a world-class software tool designed to solve one of the biggest challenges facing 3D Printing users: how to track, warehouse and validate key information about each item they print.

“In working with companies around the world, one consistent question they’re asking is how to ensure they ‘re meeting all relevant standards in the design and testing of parts, as well as maintaining the appropriate records they may need as parts are deployed,” said Dr. Mike Vasquez, founder of 3Degrees. “For the industry to evolve, users need tools that give them – and their end users – confidence in the processes and traceability for each part they create.”

TRACE was designed by some of the leading experts in 3D Printing, and it provides a smart, intuitive system for quality management and documentation of key production and technical data for additive manufacturing (AM). This eliminates the need for companies to build their own systems, which often prove time consuming and tedious, and may not keep pace with evolving AM standards. With TRACE, users have a simple and streamlined process with a user-friendly interface that enables traceability through all aspects of the AM workflow. It also maintains all the relevant information required for the safe and compliant operation of Additive Manufacturing facilities.

The tool has benefitted from feedback received during the TRACE pilot program. TRACE has been evaluated by a number of collaborators, including the Renishaw Inc. Solutions Center, USA, the Quad Cities Manufacturing Lab – Western Illinois University, Northern Illinois University and America Makes.

The tool will be commercially available starting at the Additive Manufacturing Users Group Conference, which is being held in Chicago starting on March 31st.

About 3Degrees

3Degrees delivers practical solutions and smart strategies to help companies maximize their investments in advanced manufacturing technologies, with a focus on 3D Printing. It was founded in 2012 by Dr. Mike Vasquez. The team has decades of expertise in material design and selection, part evaluation, training and safety and designing 3D Printing roadmaps and long-term strategies. 3Degrees is also a member of America Makes.

Courtesy of 3Degrees