3D Printing Series #4-Paramount Industries: A 3D Systems Company, an Additive Manufacturing Success Story

August 20, 2013 | Categories: America Makes News, Technology

Langhorne, Pennsylvania-based Paramount Industries debuted in 1966 as a foundry pattern and modelmaker to become a “thoroughbred” product development, design, and manufacturing firm.  The company has always embraced a market-driven business model, and from the earliest days of Additive Manufacturing (more commonly known as 3D printing) in the 1980s, Paramount has not only seen the promise in the technology but also pursued and helped shape it with a driving passion. Thanks to that drive—and a little luck—Paramount has become a leader in the 3D printing space, producing a range of items for the aerospace, defense, and medical industries.  Their success was even enough to draw the attention of additive manufacturing powerhouse 3D Systems, who purchased Paramount in 2012.  3D Systems made this strategic move in part to expand their capabilities through the acquisition of a player with an established industrial presence. See more at:

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