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Membership Benefits

Members of America Makes are helping their organizations, and America, enter a new dimension in manufacturing.

Our members include Fortune 100 manufacturers, small- and medium-sized enterprises, start-up companies, academic institutions and government agencies. To ensure broad representation from the 3D printing industry, we have three membership categories that offer varying financial and participation levels.

Members of America Makes receive significant benefits that are not available to non-members. Examples include access to technical presentations and workshops and discounts for workforce training courses. Please see the membership benefits table for more details.

Becoming a member of America Makes is simple. Just follow this three-step process. If you have any questions about the America Makes membership process, e-mail

Submit Your Request Form

Download the Membership Request Form and complete the request form in its entirety. Return it via e-mail to with the e-mail subject line specifying “Membership Request Form.” Submitted Membership Request Forms will be reviewed by America Makes leadership to ensure compliance with our requirements.

Sign the Agreement

Upon approval of the Membership Request Form, America Makes will provide a Membership Agreement for completion and signature. The completed membership agreement should be returned to America Makes for countersignature.

Activate Your Membership

Dependent on membership payment methods (cash, cost share, or combination) the countersigned Membership Agreement will be activated and returned. Cash payments can be made to the address below. Alternatively, requests for invoice should provide: Company Information; Point of Contact Information; Invoice Amount.
America Makes c/o
National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM)
486 Cornell Road, Suite 2
Blairsville, PA 15717

Cost Share Info

All members reporting cost share must use the most recent version of the cost share form. The most recent version calculates the totals and is version 101813.

Download the Cost Share Form Rev101813.


Membership FAQs


Q.  Does America Makes require cost share from its members?

A.  The America Makes Cooperative Agreement with the federal government requires cost share, thus all members are strongly encouraged to report their cost share to help meet the Cooperative Agreement cost share commitment. 


Q.  What can count as legitimate and reportable cost share?

A.  Legitimate and reportable cost share is governed by the Department of Defense Grant and Agreement Regulations (DoDGARs) and includes work on a America Makes sponsored project effort.  Also, participation in America Makes sponsored event (i.e. quarterly meetings, program review, governance board, advisory group) can be counted as cost share.  Other cost share brought to America Makes to further its mission and for the benefit of the membership will be reviewed and evaluated on a case by case basis to determine value and acceptability.


Q. Can any legitimate and reportable cost share incurred for any reason be counted toward membership fees?

A.  Yes. Cost share is cost share and any/all can be counted toward a membership fee.


Q.  Can I contribute cost share before becoming a member and have it count towards membership fees when the membership agreement is executed?

A.  Yes.  Cost share can accumulate prior to membership and be credited towards membership fees.


Q.  How and when should I report cost share?

A.  Reporting is to be completed monthly using the cost share form. The form is to be sent with invoices and project progress reports.  If cost share reporting cannot be completed monthly we strongly encourage you to report quarterly. You may also email cost share reports to for processing.


Q.  If I have not incurred any cost share do I still need to file a report?

A.  No.  Reporting is only necessary when cost share is incurred


Q.  Does a member have to submit supporting documentation when filing a cost share form?

A.  No.  The member submitting the cost share must keep all documents for audit purposes.  America Makes may ask for supporting documentation and it shall be made available upon request.


Q. How is a member’s cost share tracked at America Makes?

A.  All cost share is recorded and tracked specific to the contributing member.


Q.  How does a member track project cost share for sub awardees that may or may not be members.

A.  America Makes needs to be sure to account for cost share only once.  Any sub awardee cost share that may be reported must be clearly delineated from the primary awardees cost share.  It is the responsibility of the awardee to provide clear documentation of cost share to be credit to a project.


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